Avoid the Lengthy Probate Process

Get help from our family lawyer in Spring Hill, FL

The traditional probate process isn't always the only option when it comes to passing on an estate. Summary administration is an alternative solution that can be completed in as little as a few weeks to help you gain access to your loved one's assets as quickly as possible.

Choose Reynolds Law PLLC if you're ready to pursue the summary administration route. Our family lawyer can explain how probate law applies to your situation and help you get through the process with less stress and hassle. Make an appointment by calling our law office in Spring Hill, FL today.

When can you take advantage of summary administration?

Summary administration isn't for everyone and can only be used in specific cases. Contact our family lawyer if...

  • It's been more than two years since your loved one passed
  • All creditors are barred from bringing new claims against the assets
  • Your loved one's estate and total assets are worth less than $75,000

We have extensive experience with probate law and will let you know if your situation applies. Speak with our experienced lawyer today to discuss your loved one's estate.