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Family Law has many subcategories. The areas of family law below involve specific circumstances and strategies that differ from client to client. However, these are the most common areas our family lawyers practice. If you have a question about one of these areas and want to know more about how Reynolds Law PLLC in Spring Hill, FL can help you, give us a call today!


Alimony law in Spring Hill, FL, is a little bit tricky and the legal documents that explain it can be a bit confusing. Recently the law has changed and this may affect whether you qualify. Speak to an area alimony lawyer to get the information you need to learn whether you are entitled to receive alimony. Our friendly staff uses a personalized approach to ensure that your case will be handled with care. We'll work diligently to get everything you deserve in the eyes of the law.

Prenuptial Agreements

Entering a marriage is a big step for anyone. Make sure that both you and your partner protect your assets as you enter a life of wonder, adventure and love. While no one ever plans to split, it sometimes happens. A prenuptial agreement is simply a way to protect everyone involved financially. We'll help you create an agreement that fits your situation.

Child Support

You may feel that you can support your children on your own, but legally they are entitled to financial support from both parents. Whether you are financially capable or you are struggling to make ends meet, Reynolds Law PLLC can help you figure out your children's rights in Spring Hill, Florida and the surrounding areas. Don't hesitate to fight for what they deserve.

Child Custody

Do you feel that the amount of time that you get to spend with your child is not enough? Have you recently realized that spending extended time with the other parent may not be best for your child's well-being? Whatever the situation, Reynolds Law PLLC can help make sure your child is in the best place. We'll work with you to decide the steps necessary to get the child custody agreement that will protect your child while giving him or her proper support. Call our Spring Hill, FL, family law office now for help with your child custody matter.


When you got married, you may have looked forward to spending the rest of your life in bliss. Admitting that dissolving your marriage may be the best for both of you is difficult.

Divorce doesn't have to messy. It is possible for both people to get what they want, but consulting with a qualified Spring Hill, FL, divorce attorney can give you the information you need to make the decision that is best for everyone in the situation. Considering divorce in the Spring Hill area? Our knowledgeable licensed attorneys answer divorce questions during a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Contact us to schedule yours today.


Are you looking to adopt? Seek a qualified adoption attorney. Adoption is an exciting opportunity for any family. Our adoption attorneys make sure that all the appropriate paperwork is filled out, submitted to the state, and filed properly. Our main goal is to find a safe home for children and to help create a family that is happy, and legally binding. If you are interested in adopting and want to learn more about the role of an adoption attorney from Reynolds Law PLLC, call us today!